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  • Analyze data using drag & drop
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  • Share reports with your team
  • Supports local, remote or cloud data

Why use Ubiq?

Ubiq Dashboard Builder lets you build interactive business dashboards in minutes, view all key performance indicators in one place, drill down into your data and share these dashboards easily. Ubiq Dashboard Software is quick to setup and easy to use. It lets you access dashboards from all major web browsers and tablet devices. Ubiq enables you to quickly make strategic decisions and take actions based on dashboard insights.

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User-friendly and intuitive interface

Ubiq Dashboard Software helps you build interactive business dashboards easily and quickly. It enables you to create stunning dashboards and charts using drag-and-drop, drill down into your data and share dashboards with a few clicks. Ubiq gives you the ability to easily visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your business and quickly identify business trends. You can view many KPIs about your business in one dashboard.

build business reports using drag and drop

View KPIs and business trends in real-time dashboards

Ubiq Dashboard Builder enables you to view Key Performance Indicators, latest business trends and insights in real-time dashboards. Dashboards and charts automatically update to give you real-time information always. Ubiq Dashboard Software empowers you to quickly make strategic and actionable business decisions based on real-time business insights. Ubiq allows you to easily share these dashboards as PDF / Image / URL or copy charts and graphs to Excel, Word or Powerpoint for further analysis.

view reports and charts in real-time

Build dashboards from local, remote or cloud data

Ubiq Dashboard Software lets you build interactive, real-time dashboards directly from your browser. No need to move your data around for building dashboards and reports. Ubiq allows you to create KPIs, charts and graphs from local, remote and cloud databases. Build dashboards and generate reports for MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS data. More data sources to be added soon.

Build Dashboards From Local

Build dashboards for all types of businesses

From startups to SMEs to Enterprise, Ubiq Dashboard Builder can be used for organizations, departments and teams of all sizes. It helps identify trends and opportunities, make better decisions and improve business performance. Ubiq offers a wide range of dashboard reporting and analytical capabilities that can be adopted across industries, departments and teams. Ubiq enables you to build a variety of reports like Sales Dashboards, Executive Reports, Management ReportsScorecards and Reports for all areas of your business.

Dashboards For All Types of Businesses

Access dashboards on all major browsers & tablets

Ubiq lets you access your business dashboards on all major browsers & tablets. It works on Mac, Linux and Windows. Ubiq helps all the key decision makers from Executives to Managers to Analysts to access your dashboards easily and get actionable insights. It empowers everyone in your team to build dashboards, charts and graphs once and share them across your department or organization. This enables you to easily share insights with your team.

cross platform business reports

Quick to setup and Easy to use

Ubiq Dashboard Builder is easy to setup and use. Simply signup and immediately start building dashboards in minutes. No need to wait for a demo or installation or training. Ubiq makes it easy for both business and technical users to create dashboards from their data using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It lets you easily customize your dashboards using point-and-click. Quickly generate charts and dashboards, and share them with your colleagues.

Quick setup

Secure to use

No need to enable remote access or open ports. Securely connect to MySQL on AWS over SSH. For intranet or private network, ubiq ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

Secure To Use
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“Ubiq has given us instant access to all our data. The charts are very smart and work very well for us on our wall mounted monitors. Would I recommend it to others? Definitely YES YES YES.”

Mary Blount
IT Manager, MinsterSoft

“Our IT company from Belgium (TIGRON) is very happy to use Ubiq, they have suggested to some of their clients too.”

Vassilios Lourdas
Systems Engineer, KNX Association

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