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  • ✓ Analyze data using drag & drop

  • ✓ Apply powerful filters & functions

  • ✓ Share reports with your team

  • ✓ Supports local, remote or cloud data

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Why use Ubiq?

Ubiq is a Business Intelligence and Analytics Software that easily transforms data into business insights and helps you make informed decisions. It helps you quickly find answers to business questions, spot growth opportunities and drive business performance. Ubiq is an easy-to-use Business Intelligence Software. It allows you get actionable Business Intelligence from data. Gain meaningful insights and make better decisions. Easily analyze & report your data using drag and drop. Ubiq provides easy-to-use, self-service BI capabilities and real time analytics that help you monitor key metrics & trends.

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business analytics using drag & drop

Quickly gain insights from data

Ubiq enables you to quickly get meaningful insights from data and make better decisions, faster. It allows you to analyze & report data using drag & drop. It empowers key stakeholders and decision makers to use BI and analytics to spot opportunities and risks early on, drive business performance. Ubiq makes it easy to analyze and explore your data, discover new patterns and relationships in it using drag & drop. It helps you create rich, interactive reports to share key insights within your organization. You can refine your analysis, customize visualizations & dashboards with a few clicks. Ubiq is not only easy to use but also packed with powerful analytical features, wide range of visualization options and reporting capabilities. No need to learn programming or API.

Get Business Intelligence in real-time

Ubiq Business Analytics enables you to get actionable BI from data in real-time. It empowers decision makers and stakeholders to gain insights and make decisions faster. Ubiq enables business users to explore data, analyze it to find answers to specific business questions. It allows Executives & Managers to monitor KPIs and performance metrics across organization in real-time dashboards and reports. This enables the key stakeholders to improve business strategy and drive business performance. As businesses move fast, you need to get insights as soon as possible and make decisions as quickly as possible. It's painful to manually update the analytics & reports every time your data changes. Ubiq's auto refresh feature automatically updates your business reports and visualizations with the latest information. Monitor key metrics and trends in your data, get important insights in real time. Dynamically filter data or slice and dice data on the fly to discover new trends and patterns about your business.

real-time business analytics

business analytics Software for multiple sources

Business Analytics for multiple sources

Ubiq BI Analytics software lets you explore, analyze and gain insights from multiple data sources directly from web browser. No need to upload or move data. Ubiq enables you to perform Business Analytics on data from various processes and systems in your organization from one place. It provides a consolidated view of the KPIs and metrics across the organization directly from web browser. Ubiq enables stakeholders and decision makers to get a complete view of the opportunities and risks across departments and organization and respond quickly. Analyze MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Sever, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, Redshift and more databases. Quickly and easily identify outliers, spot correlations, recognize trends and find the opportunities that drive competitive advantage. Ubiq is a web based business analytics and data visualization software that empowers you to analyze, visualize & report your data whether it is on your laptop, remote server or the cloud.

Business Intelligence for Startups, SMEs & Enterprise

Ubiq provides inexpensive, cloud-based Business Intelligence for Enterprise, SMBs & Startups. Build custom web-based BI System for your organization. It provides self-service Business Intelligence reporting capabilities that allows business users to answer business questions on their own, get insights without depending on IT. Every decision maker can monitor key metrics and make informed decisions. Business Analytics & Reporting help you identify, report and share key performance metrics & trends about your business. Ubiq is a versatile and flexible BI Platform for all kinds of businesses like Ecommerce, SaaS, Mobile Apps, IT firms, Reporting agencies, etc. Ubiq combines intuitive interface and powerful analytics to give you a comprehensive BI Platform suitable for everyone's needs. It allows users of all skill levels to conduct fast, thorough explorations on all business data. Perform analytics & reporting for all areas of your business like Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc.

Business Analytics Software for Startups, SMEs & Enterprise

cross platform business intelligence analytics

Cross platform Business Intelligence & Analytics

Ubiq Business Analytics Solution lets users access web-based Business Intelligence Reports on PC, Mac & Tablets. It works on Windows, Linux & Mac. Being web-based, Ubiq enables key decision makers and stakeholders to get BI from anywhere, anytime. It allows easy sharing of BI reports and insights. This increases collaboration and enables better decision making. Ubiq Business Analytics Software makes it easy for stakeholders to view business strategy performance from anywhere and improve it to drive competitive advantage. It lets you explore, visualize & analyze data across various platforms. It's highly customizable, works in all major browsers & tablet devices. It lets you analyze your data and share visual insights on multiple platforms and devices. Create diverse kinds of analytical dashboards like Sales dashboards, Executive dashboards, Management reports, etc for different end users in your organization. Analyze your data once, share key insights across your organization.

Rapid deployment and Ease of use

Ubiq Business Intelligence Software is inexpensive and can be easily setup by business users in minutes without depending on IT. Avoid waiting for demo or installation or training. Signup and immediately start getting actionable BI from your data. Save weeks or even months lost in setting up and learning business intelligence tools. Ubiq Business Analytics Software makes it easy to quickly gain insights from data, make better decisions and get competitive advantage for your business. It provides a wide range of advanced BI Reporting capabilities to help you customize Business Intelligence Analytics Platform for your organization. Ubiq's self-service BI software lets you explore, analyze and share data on your own, without burdening IT.

quick setup & ease of use

secure application

Secure to use

No need to enable remote access or open ports. Securely connect to data on AWS over SSH. For intranet or private network, ubiq ensures the data doesn't leave your network. Ubiq agent sits on your laptop & connects to your databases with read only access. Assign create or view permissions to your team mates.

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