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Why use Data Reporting Tool?

Data reporting tools let anyone create interactive reports & dashboards in minutes. Users can use wide range of reporting components and visualization options to create professional-looking reports for their business. This enables them to generate reports for every area of business - sales, marketing, finance, etc. They can report business data, create online reports & dashboards to measure and improve business performance. You can view reports on a mobile, tablet or PC. Users can share reports online and collaborate.

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easy to use reporting tool

Easy-to-use reporting solution

Ubiq is an easy to use data reporting tool. With Ubiq, even non-technical users can create and distribute web-reports and dashboards in minutes. Users can design, deploy and manage reports without programming or SQL knowledge. They can create reports using an intuitive, drag & drop interface, and customize them with a few clicks. Our chart designer makes it easy to create database connections, queries and reports. Users can even move or resize charts simply using drag & drop. You can easily schedule reports for delivery. Ubiq will automatically generate and email reports to the required recipients. Being web-reports, you can access them on any web browser.

Use enterprise reporting features to create professional reports

Businesses need powerful reporting tools to create, generate and distribute reports, and gain insights into their business processes. Ubiq provides a comprehensive reporting platform that meets all your reporting needs. It provides end-to-end enterprise reporting capabilities that enables users to create insightful reports for their business. It enables users to create highly customized reports. They can be basic summary reports or detailed reports with more information. Often, various stakeholders such as managers and executives have specific requirements for their reports. Ubiq enables users to generate custom reports for everyone in their organization.

enterprise reporting software

web based reporting tools

Web-based reporting makes it easy to access reports

Users can quickly create & schedule reports using a web interface. Our web-based reporting tools provide fast and secure access to your data. No need to download and email static reports. Users can access reports anywhere, anytime and share insights with each other. Our web-based dynamic reports are interactive and allow users to slice & dice data on the fly. They can filter, search and drill-down into reports to get detailed insights about their business. Our web-based reporting solution enables you to easily deploy secure and interactive reports over any browser.

Generate & schedule reports automatically

In today's organization, there are always multiple viewers for each report. Ubiq enables you to schedule reports to be automatically generated and mailed to each recipient. They can schedule a report to be mailed to specific recipients and Ubiq will automatically email it to them. You can even schedule it to be a daily or weekly report. This makes it easy for users to share reports with their team, partners and clients. Generally, the report creators in an organization are different from the report consumers. Ubiq allows them to quickly share reports with each other.

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collaborative reporting

Share reports online with others

Ubiq enables users to share reports online with others. Users can provide read-only access to reports and securely share reports via URL. They can also publish reports in multiple formats such as PDF, Image, CSV, etc. This allows users to share insights, discuss feedback and make informed decisions. It enables collaborative decision-making and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

View reports on mobile, tablets or PC

Today's business users need to be able to access business reports and insights on the go. They need to be constantly up-to-date about their business. Ubiq enables users to access reports from any device - mobile, tablet or PC. This enables them to generate reports once and view them anywhere, anytime. It improves collaboration and communication. It allows users to easily share feedback and insights with each other. For example, Report Creators can generate reports using a workstation or laptop while Managers and executives can view reports on mobile or tablets, and provide feedback or questions.

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Benefits of Data Reporting Tools

Data Reporting Software enables anyone to quickly create insightful reports and dashboards for their business, without any programming or SQL knowledge. It allows them to draw insights about business processes by monitoring business performance and key performance indicators. It provides an intuitive interface to design reports using drag and drop. It also provides a variety of features to customize reports with a few clicks. Ubiq provides a wide range of visualization and chart options that you can use to generate reports. Users can also use a variety of formatting options to create pixel-perfect and professional-looking reports for their business. Ubiq also provides many advanced reporting components such as pivot tables, crosstabs, dynamic filters, parametrized queries, user input and search capabilities. They enable users to generate highly customized business reports and dashboards. Users can create summarized or detailed reports for everyone in the organization - from Executives to Analysts. Since reports are web-based, they can be accessed on mobile, tablet or PC, and shared with others.

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