Dashboard Solution for your business

  • ✓ Easily create reports & dashboards

  • ✓ Analyze data using drag & drop

  • ✓ Apply powerful filters & functions

  • ✓ Share reports with your team

  • ✓ Supports local, remote or cloud data

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Why use Ubiq?

Our dashboard software enables you to create interactive dashboards for your business. Users can visually create dashboards using our drag-and-drop dashboard designer. Dashboards can be created from multiple data sources. Our Dashboards can be accessed using web browser on any internet-enabled device. Dashboards can be exported in multiple formats or automatically emailed to others.

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Create dashboards using drag & drop interface

Create dashboards in minutes with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop dashboard designer. There's no need to write code or SQL queries. Users can visually create dashboards on their own, without waiting for IT staff.

Real-time dashboards and reports

Our dashboards show real-time data and update automatically thanks to auto-refresh feature. Stay up-to-date with the latest KPIs and metrics.

Create dashboards from multiple data sources

Dashboards can be created from multiple data sources. Our dashboards let you combine internal corporate information with external data sources.

Dashboard Solution suitable for every business

Our dashboard solution can be used to build dashboards for every business - big or small. It is suitable for business analysts, software developers, IT consultants and managers who need to create dashboards for their business. Dashboards can be created for every department such as sales, marketing, operations, IT, HR, and customer support.

Access dashboards using web browser

Dashboards can be accessed using a standard web browser on any internet-enabled device such as laptop, tablet or mobile.

Quick setup. Fast implementation

Our dashboard tool can be setup within 10 minutes. Connect to your data with a few clicks and create dashboards in minutes. Save weeks, if not months, spent in dashboard development.

secure to use

Share dashboards with others

Share dashboards and reports you create with your colleagues/clients for better decision-making. Dashboards can be shared simply via URL.

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