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Social Media Marketer / Social Media Expert  Apply for this job

You will have the freedom & responsibility for creating and implementing Social Media Marketing strategy. You will be in charge of maintaining our social media accounts and growing its audience

Key Responsibilities include:

 - Create and implement Social Media strategy for Ubiq

 - Creating social media posts for our social media profiles and marketing content for our website

 - Creating engaging content on online forums such as Quora, Reddit, Hacker News, etc

 - Build and implement social media strategy to promote the website on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Slide share, Google+, etc.

 - Monitor social media groups, trends, tools, and applications and recommend actions/next steps.

 - Come up with creative ideas to improve brand awareness and drive social media traffic

 Candidate Requirements:

 - Must be able to create catchy social media posts

 - Must be able to drive web traffic through social media posts

 - Minimum 1 year of Social Media marketing experience

 - Thorough understanding of the social media eco space, including but not limited to audience targeting, organic reach bandwidth, posting etiquettes

 - Excellent English - Written & Spoken

 - Experience in developing and engaging communities on different social networks & online forums


 - Casual work environment

 - Good Office location (near Food Courts & Restaurants)

 - Small team, high learning opportunities

 - Competitive Salary

 - Latest Tools & Technology (Workstations, IT Office, High Speed Internet, etc)

About Ubiq:

Ubiq is a cloud-based business intelligence & reporting solution, with customers all across the world. We're a young, passionate startup based out of Mumbai. We're building an online marketing team that loves coming up with creative ideas to market products all over the world, and executes them thoroughly.

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