7 Free Slack Alternatives for Your Business

free slack alternatives

James Humes once rightly said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Then one can rightly conclude that your business will suffer without proper communication channels. That’s why a tool like Slack, an online communication platform, has claimed a significant market share since its arrival in 2013. It has established the fact that email is passé, or a thing of the past in this fast-paced millennia. However, Slack can be a little expensive. If you are working on a shoestring budget, here are seven free Slack alternatives which are as good and less expensive than Slack:



While most of the communication channels are aiming to replace email completely, Fleep recognizes the foothold that emails have in the market place. This is the reason why Fleep integrates email with Fleep chat – meaning it  allows the team to connect via chat through their email.

You can even connect through Fleep to people who are not registered on Fleep, just as long as you have their email address.



Along with opening the communication line for its users, Stride also allows video chat. One feature that stands out, and is also a big selling point of Stride is its “Actions and Decisions” through which you can keep track of all the milestones in your organization.

You can also easily click on those tagged milestones and see what conversation and thinking went behind those decisions.



With this app, you will have the entire company’s directory at your fingertips. You can communicate with various team members across the company and also create separate chat channels for more focused and individualized discussions.

Flock also helps you manage your mailing lists – it will auto-generate your mailing list, which you can moderate and alter in any way you want.

You can even add people who are not using Flock to this mailing list.



Ryver was built to accommodate companies of all sizes. This software is highly adaptable so you can customize it in any way that suits you. Its ‘Post’ feature work almost like Facebook post in which you can see the principle matter and see how the discussion on that particular topic went.

You can also jump in at any time and make your voice heard by simply ‘commenting’ on the post – making it one of the most compelling free Slack alternatives available in the market.



uShare allows immediate visual collaboration in any way your business demands, be it social, visual, video or even audio. They also offer a free trial (really, no catch) which you can use for a specified amount of time and see if it is suitable for your business.



This software claims that it has diminished the need of cc and bcc in the business sector. Rocket.Chat is an open source communication software with over 850 developers engaging in its development.

It being an open source also means that you can use this software without any limitations, even if your team consists of 10 people or 100 people.

Another features that is quite appealing is the fact that you can simply ask for features to be added in Rocket.Chat on GitHub, and if it’s a useful idea then a developer will most likely build it for you.



Twist is one of the most interesting free Slack alternatives. It collects and categorizes the chat in a systematic way that is easier to find later.

It also allows you to form a thread inside a channel to keep the discussion going with some of your team members.

Furthermore, you can also customize notifications according to your needs, which means you won’t be bombarded with unnecessary notifications.


These free slack alternatives can help you bring down your business costs while getting similar features to run your business.


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