7 Best Websites to Find Freelancers for Your Business

Best Websites to Find Freelancers

More and more big and small companies are turning to freelancers for completion of very critical jobs in their businesses. Hiring freelancers is not only cheap but also saves business owners from legal trouble in case of complications arising from any discord between employer and employee. Hiring a freelancer instead of a full-timer is the new trend that more and companies are opting for. Besides, there are plenty of best websites to find freelancers.

Nasdaq has reported that 43% of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2020. It is not a rare sight to see a huge number of freelancers busy on their laptop at local coffee shops nor is it uncommon to find empty office space as the best in the industry leave traditional work behind and opt for more flexibility and freedom in their work. If you require a specialist to help you launch a product or want a skilled professional but don’t have the resources, hiring freelancers would be the solution.

According to the Global Workplace Analytics, a typical business will save $11,000 per employee each year if employees are allowed to work from home just half the time. Since highly skilled people are choosing to work independently, new businesses have a lot of resources to tap into. Remote workers allow small businesses to avoid the expense involved in hiring a traditional full-time employee without compromising on the quality of work.

Listed below are seven best websites to find freelancers for your business.


Upwork, which has approximately 10 million registered freelancers, was set up in 2014 after two leading freelance networks, Elance and oDesk, merged and came together. At Upwork, employers can rate the quality of the freelancers, thereby helping other business owners to determine the right candidate for the chosen work. Upwork also has four million clients and nearly three million jobs posted each year. You can find freelancers to suit all your business needs here.

Apart from an easy chat feature, Upwork also has a time-tracker and a payment protection plan for employers to make communication easy with your clients. An Upwork Pro membership, which will cost you around $149 per month is recommended for companies that hire many freelancers as this feature does the job of a hiring agency by selected the best professionals for your job. Further, it interviews the potential candidates via video to ensure they are the right fit for the company. The time tracker tool provided by Upwork helps business owners to keep a track of the work hours of the freelancers and also a free mobile app to help communicate with your remote workers.


Toptal is a freelance network created for the elite software engineers and digital designers from more than 100 countries around the globe. The company’s screening process for the freelancers is so foolproof that only the top 3 percent of talent in multiple categories is shortlisted.

Toptal lets business owners decide if they want part-time, hourly or full-time freelancers. It is also the best site for freelancers because it screens the firms as well and works with the best companies.

You can be certain that with Toptal, you will have the best freelancers in the industry work for your business as it is one of the best websites to find freelancers.



Freelancer.com is an awesome freelance site where you can not only hire freelancers for your various projects but also post design contests.

Freelancer is meant mainly for online businesses and online entrepreneurs. Its sister sites include Freemarket and Warrior Forum. From here, websites can be bought and sold.

LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best place to go to for learning and all job-related things. It is only recently that LinkedIn ventured into the freelance economy by launching LinkedIn Profinder.

Thanks to its huge user data, LinkedIn is able to immediately connect employers and freelancers based on their keyword searches. Profinder is a great place if you are looking out for expert professionals in various fields to join your growing business.


SimplyHired is another great place to find talent from various fields. This site offers business owners to choose from their vast pool of talents from different fields from across the world. Freelancers are also able to find jobs in over 24 countries. Further, the work is not limited to just English-language work. There are 12 different languages in which you can find freelancers.


If you are looking for freelance SEO professionals and web designers, you must try PeoplePerHour. This freelance website is best for business owners as it is pretty easy to list a job. Moreover, you can contact the freelancers directly and in a few easy clicks.

One of the features that stands out is PeoplePerHour’s ‘WorkStream’. It offers a seamless payment experience for both employers and employees. Apart from collating all your listings, it also keeps the payment process very simple. This is certainly one of the best websites to find freelancers.



Fiverr has maximum millennial freelancers who are keen to pick up small assignments apart from their primary job.
Be careful of spammy services such as buying social media followers. New freelancers want to establish themselves and are ready to offer services at very cheap rates until the time they develop a portfolio.

Fiverr is a great freelance platform for employers looking for good freelancers at an affordable rate. Even though it is unlikely that you find highly skilled professionals here, the workers here are highly competent and will certainly be able to help you with specific jobs.



Even though there are several more freelance websites, the seven sites listed above are certainly seven of the best websites to find freelancers for all your business requirements.


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