4 Ways to Generate More Leads With Video Content

lead generation using video marketing

Videos have clearly become the most preferred mode for consuming content. Did you know videos account for more than 74% of online traffic in 2017?


What’s more impressive is the fact that video converts better than any other form of content. In fact, businesses that use videos to promote their products & services, are able to grow their revenues by 49%, compared to the ones that don’t.


So how do you use this trend to your advantage?


Here are 4 ways you can use videos to drive more leads for your business


1. Demonstrate your products & services


Videos are an amazing way to demonstrate what your product does and how it works. It allows you to explain complicated ideas in a simple way and enables users to imagine themselves using your product, in a way that text & images simply can’t.


Did you know that your Kickstarter campaign is 85% more likely to succeed if you include video in it? In fact, even we noticed a 34% increase in our landing page conversion rates by simply adding an explainer video on our site.


Today, you can easily create a short demo video of your product using a video creation tool and hiring a professional voice over artist on sites like Voice.com. Here are some tricks we used to create an engaging video:

  1. Understand & address the key pain points of your target audience
  2. Showcase only the top 3-5 features of your product. Don’t try to show all of them.
  3. Clearly explain the benefits of using your product at the beginning & end of your video
  4. Explain the benefit of each feature as you show it in your video


2. Provide a Video Mini Course

Instead of writing Tutorials, Guides and How To’s, create a video mini-course that provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get things done.


In fact, you can even repurpose your existing ‘Complete Guides’ into a series of mini-course videos that you can offer as a free content giveaway.


You can break each course into multiple chapters that you release one-by-one through a drip email campaign automation. This will enable you to nurture your leads over time and build a long-term relationship.


With the recent growth in online learning, you can even promote your video courses on online learning sites like Udemy as well as video sharing platforms like YouTube, to market your business to a wider audience and attract even more leads.


3. Repurpose your webinars

We’ve all heard so many times that webinars are a great way to establish thought leadership & create brand awareness. But did you know you can repurpose your webinars to generate even more leads?


Offer your recorded webinar replays on your blog, as premium content that people can access by simply providing their name & email address. In fact, you can even break your 40-minute webinar into a short series of 10-minute videos to make them easily consumable.


You can even embed these short videos in relevant blog posts and offer them as gated content. For example, let’s say your webinar on ‘Visual content marketing for small businesses’ has chapters about instagram marketing, seo and social media. You can break your webinar into short videos for each of these sections and embed them on relevant blog posts about instagram, seo and social media. This will not only make your posts more engaging but also allow your blog to drive more leads.


4. Customer interviews & case studies

Video case studies & interviews enable prospects to actually see how your products & services solve problems of real people. They help you communicate what your business does, and establish credibility. You can’t fake a video testimonial.

video testimonial

In your videos, interview your customers, share your product testimonials and highlight your company’s biggest accomplishments. They don’t need to have high production values, just a few good words about your business will do the trick.


Upload it to YouTube and tag it like crazy. Add tags about your customer’s company, industry, location, your company, product and the problem you solved (e.g seo marketing, data analytics, etc).


You can also use services like Rev & Speechpad to get a transcription for your video and add it as a video description. This will ensure that your videos get indexed and ranked for a wide range of keywords and search phrases on YouTube as well as Google. Ensure that you add a call-to-action to your video. This will help interested prospects to get in touch with your business.


Also place video testimonials on your landing pages, alongside the lead capture form to increase sign ups.



Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of creating video content. You don’t need to hire a professional video agency for it. There are plenty of online video creation tools that allow you to create professional looking videos for your business, in minutes. The key is to understand your target audience’s pain points and create easy-to-understand videos to address them.


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